Success Academy Leads in Providing A State of The Art Education System

Education is the backbone of a prosperous society. The benefits of education stretch beyond imparting academic knowledge and skills in students. In fact, the current system of education provides a diverse syllabus that highly promotes the acquiring of life skills in the society. In as much as education may have its benefits, not all students or scholars have the opportunity to enjoy advanced and modern education systems. That is why Success Academy has been receiving overwhelming admission requests from parents.




With over 17,000 applicants in a school that can accommodate 3,017 students, Success Academy is geared towards an expansion project with a bid to satisfy the society’s demand. According to the chief executive officer of the school Eva Moskowitz, the management is disappointed because unfortunately, it will not be possible for all applicants to get an admission. In a statement to address the issue of numerous candidates, Eve continued to explain that it was unfortunate that City Hall is not proactive about the issue. According to Success Academy, this will be the fourth year in amassing long waiting lists from approximately 10,000 families.




Success Academy was established in 2006. This is the largest as well as the best performing school in New York City. From children with special needs to junior as well as senior scholars, the admission of students to Success Academy is open. An interesting feature that this school possesses is its admission of English learners. A testament to the statement, most English learners, successfully passed English exams thereby become native speakers.




The admission process at Success Academy is random, and it is held every April of the year. The school is proud to be the leading modern education system provider that serves approximately 40 schools. From Brooklyn to Queens, Manhattan, and Bronx, this school has a successful track record that emits success. The teachers commit to making sure that the scholars have a full understanding of the processes involved in college application, the admission, and persistence to achieve the best. With the rising number of applicants to the school system, it is correct to state that the school provides high quality learning systems to better the society.

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