How Does Alexandre Gama Offer His Opinions On World Advertising?

Alexandre Gama is the first Latin American person to serve on the jury of the world advertising film awards, and he wants to impart his knowledge of the industry on the world. He is hoping to show people how to create better advertising, and he is giving a number of different people inspiration for their own ads of the future. He knows how the companies of the world must create their images, and he wants to show the companies under his charge how to build a household name.

There are quite a few different people who wish to learn from Alexandre Gama over the course of time, and he offers these services through Neogama. He started the company years ago based on his reputation for excellence, and his reputation has only grown in the present. Someone who loves commercials and advertising may follow his career and the ad work he has done.


Litigator Karl Heideck

Are you searching for a litigator who is able to help you out with any sort of legal need that you have? If so, you need to make sure that you understand the work that these professionals handle, research their credentials and allow them to help you out. If this is what you are in need of and interested in, you can start out by using this article to your advantage, as you research the attorneys in Philadelphia that provide litigation service.

Understand What You Are Getting With A Litigator

A lot of attorneys practice law in different facets, but what does a litigator handle? If this is the question that is going through your head, you need to make sure that you begin wrapping your mind around what these professionals have to offer. A litigator is a legal professional that deals with trial law. What this means is that they will be able to help you for a number of legal matters — to include things like real estate claims, contract disputes and criminal defense.

All of these matters are considered litigation, so you need to give yourself the opportunity to hire the right lawyer for the job. If you are at a loss to make this happen, consider these tips and make sure that Karl Heideck is at the top of your list.

Know What To Look For In A Litigator

When researching litigators, make sure that you get in touch with several just to get the lay of the land. You should also get references from people you know who have had to hire litigators. Once you are in the middle of your search, you will quickly see that Karl Heideck is the best in the Philadelphia area.

Education is an important cornerstone of litigation and Karl Heideck is highly educated. He graduated from Temple University’s law school and became one of the most highly sought litigators in the Philadelphia area. Karl Heideck’s background spanned 10 years and he continuously builds his legacy each and every day, helping clients with compliance and risk management.

Contact Karl Heideck if you need any sort of litigation services.

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The Alternate Strategy at Capital

Investment giant, Warren Buffett, recently made a wager with a group of hedge fund managers for the amount of $1 million. In the wager, Mr. Warren Buffett makes the claim that by investing in a simple S&P 500 passive index fund, he could achieve better returns than the group of hedge fund managers. As the closing date of the wager draws nearer, it looks as if Mr. Buffett will make good on his wager. While the astute business acumen of Warren Buffett is hard to challenge considering his stellar portfolio, there are those out there that disagree with this particular strategy of Buffett’s, most notably Timothy Armour, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group. In Mr. Buffett’s estimation, the market is currently flooded with mediocre funds that are expensive, offering less than acceptable results. Warren Buffett has championed the detailed analysis of prospective companies in order to build a respectable portfolio and over time this method has proven to be solid. The conversation regarding active versus passive index funds is one that has been brewing within the inner circles of the investment world for quite some time, but Timothy Armour seems to believe this leads to an unnecessary perspective in terms of solving the problem. While he agrees with Mr. Buffett that attaining low-cost mutual funds that will do well over the long-term, he also believes the mythology surrounding passive index funds can be a little misleading, particularly during market downturns. In a recent survey that analyzed 1200 investors, it was discovered that nearly half of those surveyed were unaware that during market downturns, those investing in passive index funds were subject to 100 percent volatility. Timothy Armour adheres to the school of thought that by implementing two particular factors in investment, acquiring mutual funds with low expenses and high manager ownership, high returns can safely be secured in the long haul and Tim on Facebook.

Today, Timothy Armour is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group. His Linkedin and He graduated from Middlebury College in 1983, having garnered a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. He has over 34 years of experience in the investment world, all of which have been with Capital Group and learn more about Timothy.

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Eco-Friendly Travel Destination Options

Many people choose vacation destinations based on proximity to a beach, body of water or a city that has a great deal to offer. Still others choose vacation destinations based on the reviews and recommendations of friends and family. No matter the destination, the goal of a vacation is to relax, recharge and take time out to appreciate a different way of life. Rather than choosing one of these “standard” locations, why not consider a more eco-conscious travel destination? Learn more:


Places like Chile and Uruguay offer amazing beaches and beautiful forests while Lithuania is a leader in renewable energy and plans to continue improving its practices. For people that are looking to vacation within the United States but still focus on being eco-friendly, consider visiting the Alaskan wilderness, Michigan’s national park system or even the Utah mountains, all of which have improved their practices and are focused on leaving a smaller footprint. The gorgeous nature of these areas is not to be understated, but if you’re willing to travel even further, consider supporting the mission of Wild Ark. Learn more:


For a more adventurous vacation that will immerse you in the African culture and landscape, Wild Ark has numerous packages and safaris that can be tailored to individual desires. Visiting game reserves, going on safaris and even camping in tents in the middle of the gorgeous landscape are all possible – and the best part is that the nature of these vacations allow them to be sustainable, raise awareness for the landscapes and animal populations that need to be conserved, and provide a once in a lifetime experience for those that take part in them. Learn more:


No matter what your interests may be, a trip through Wild Ark is something to remember for a lifetime. Seeing birds, animals, landscapes and even meeting indigenous residents ill offer travelers a different glimpse into the way things work in other areas of the world, allow for learning and personal growth and even will help to provide the funds to preserve these beautiful and important locations. While it is important to preserve and help these locations to flourish, it is also imperative that people can see them first hand, helping them to understand what they mean to the rest of the world’s ecosystems.

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Mike Baur’s Great Contribution to Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is the co-founder and executive chairman of Swiss Startup Factory. He is a successful entrepreneur who keeps excelling. Baur accomplished an MBA from Berne University and another MBA from Rochester University. Mike is from Switzerland. He does not only handle business but works as an investor and a leader. He has an experience of 20 years in the bank industry. He got into banking right from Switzerland; this helped him use his skills in entrepreneurship to do well in banking.


Since Baur is already prospering in his line of work, he uses every chance he gets to assist young entrepreneurs to make their businesses better. He has brought the young businessmen together I Switzerland thus having a good association with them in developing their businesses. Mike Baur is also a good advisor who guides them through every step. He does not only counsel the young people but helps them financially to have a good start. He motivates them to indulge in good values because these will determine their leadership their work. Since Mike Baur is the executive chairman of the company, he has the responsibility of fundraising and managing financial procedures. Swiss Startup Factory works hand in hand with Fintech Fusion and CTI to bring in more prosperity.


Swiss Startup Factory is a developed organization that has had the privilege of being among the top private companies. The organization does not only work on their business objectives but also trains young businessmen on their way to success. The firm has a course that is scheduled for 3 months; it is divided into units including working space, finance, and counseling.


Swiss Startup Factory has never ceased in working so hard to keep them accomplished. The organization also has been starting exclusive enterprises that in due time will successful. Baur is a successful man because he has adhered to teamwork because it has never failed when it comes to a business being a success. This objective also contributes to the incoming of clients on a daily basis thus the company creates more profit. If a business plan has a great start it is meant to prosper.


The course that has been mentioned before is a great opportunity because it is able to help the young people display what they are good at thus they will be led in the right direction by their mentors in the firm. Swiss Startup Factory is where it is due to the hard work of Mike Baur and his team.


Sheldon Lavin And The OSI Group

The OSI Group Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin always envisioned himself owning a business. With an academic background in accounting and finance, he began working as a financial consultant. In 1970 he was hired to help the OSI Group get the financing they needed to expand, build a meat processing facility and offer more services. By the early 1980s, he took over the company and had a vision of it becoming a top food processing company. Within a few years Lavin was able to lead the company to incredible growth. It now offers protein and vegetable products, baked goods and sauces.

Sheldon Lavin a continued to expand the OSI Group’s international reach. He has built over 75 facilities in almost 20 countries. Yet it operates like a family. Although Lavin is the final arbiter on budget, rules, responsibilities and strategy, he encourages workers at all levels of the organization to give input about the company’s direction. Sheldon Lavin was always an innovative thinker and running the OSI Group has enabled him to nurture and develop those natural entrepreneurial instincts with the help of his loyal, talented staff.

OSI Group Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin credits the staff for helping the company to succeed. He has an open door policy, eats lunch with the staff and they call each other by their first names. Lavin is proud of his staff, genuinely interested in them and their families and is proud that there’s low staff turnovers and most workers remain with the OSI Group for a very long time.

Sheldon Lavin is also concerned about the less fortunate and generously donates to Ronald McDonald House Charities and an impressive number of other local and national charitable organizations. He loves giving back to communities where he does business.

Sheldon Lavin is now over 80 years old. His vision is that the company will continue to be a profitable, global food industry leader long after he retires. He feels the staff is talented enough to helped the company to make that vision a reality. He’s helped the OSI Group grow from a Chicago-area family meat market into a global food industry leader.

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Success Academy Leads in Providing A State of The Art Education System

Education is the backbone of a prosperous society. The benefits of education stretch beyond imparting academic knowledge and skills in students. In fact, the current system of education provides a diverse syllabus that highly promotes the acquiring of life skills in the society. In as much as education may have its benefits, not all students or scholars have the opportunity to enjoy advanced and modern education systems. That is why Success Academy has been receiving overwhelming admission requests from parents.




With over 17,000 applicants in a school that can accommodate 3,017 students, Success Academy is geared towards an expansion project with a bid to satisfy the society’s demand. According to the chief executive officer of the school Eva Moskowitz, the management is disappointed because unfortunately, it will not be possible for all applicants to get an admission. In a statement to address the issue of numerous candidates, Eve continued to explain that it was unfortunate that City Hall is not proactive about the issue. According to Success Academy, this will be the fourth year in amassing long waiting lists from approximately 10,000 families.




Success Academy was established in 2006. This is the largest as well as the best performing school in New York City. From children with special needs to junior as well as senior scholars, the admission of students to Success Academy is open. An interesting feature that this school possesses is its admission of English learners. A testament to the statement, most English learners, successfully passed English exams thereby become native speakers.




The admission process at Success Academy is random, and it is held every April of the year. The school is proud to be the leading modern education system provider that serves approximately 40 schools. From Brooklyn to Queens, Manhattan, and Bronx, this school has a successful track record that emits success. The teachers commit to making sure that the scholars have a full understanding of the processes involved in college application, the admission, and persistence to achieve the best. With the rising number of applicants to the school system, it is correct to state that the school provides high quality learning systems to better the society.

Crunchbase is a great way to see an overview of this school system that is defining the new education routes for the United States of America:


Success Academy Prepares Scholars for the College Application Process

Success Academy, which is a network of charter schools based in New York City, recently completed a successful College Admissions Case Studies Program. The event was put together by Danielle Jakob, who works with a team of counselors to prepare the Success Academy scholars for the college application process. The event was held specifically for the Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts, which is now seeing its founding students getting ready for the college application process. From increasing application rates, to opening new schools, the Success Academy newtwork has experienced many wins of late. The event can be seen as another in the line of recent Success Academy achievements.


Danielle Jakob based the event off of other similar events which she had participated in at elite high schools. She knew that the “College Admissions Case Studies Program” could be a valuable asset to a student about to start the application process. The event consisted of placing Success Academy scholars in a fictitious role of college admissions officer for the day. The student was handed made-up college applications to three imaginary schools, and had to go through the process of choosing which applications to accept, which ones they would wait list, and which they would deny. Reversing the roles for the student gives them valuable insight into how the application process works, from the college’s perspective. The students reported that the insight they gained was extremely valuable.


Family members were also present, because when a student applies to colleges, the whole family should be involved in each step. Success Academy schools strive to prepare their graduates for a fulfilling, engaged educational career, and for success in life beyond college and graduate school. Success Academy schools have succeeded in providing an environment for their students which prepares them to be competitive among the vast pool of college applications. As a former admissions officer, Danielle Jakob is well equipped to give her students an edge. She wants her students to see clearly what college admissions officers are looking for when they confront a vast number of applications.


The newest platform Crunchbase is awesome for checking out professionals and leaders in the industry in addition to LinkedIn.


Find out Why Brian Bonar Continues to Trend in the Financial and Businesses Charts

Being a financial enthusiast is almost common to any university student, but becoming a legend in it makes the difference. For the famous Scottish entrepreneur and the current Chair and CEO of Trucept, Inc. as well as Dalrada Financial Corp., Brian Bonar, finance and entrepreneurial skills has been part of his fingertips.

His vast experience and holding of leadership and financial positions have rendered him a recognized figure in the financial world. He has held those positions in Smart-tek Automated Services, Greenland Corporation, warning management services Inc. just mentioning a few.

Holding a BSC in mechanical engineering from the Strathcylde University of Glasgow and an MBA and doctorate from Stafford University, England, and the UK, Brian specializes in offering its clients with a range of employee products that accelerate business productivity. Some of the products include; financial, business, promotional services, and risk management services, as well as insurance, advises.

His flexibility in leadership enabled market expansion of every company he headed. His need for a recognizable career in business was seen from these early days working as a sales manager, to starting his own business, Bezier System after receiving his master’s degree. He later specialized in mergers and acquisitions.

His passion, goal oriented and thirst to achieve more have seen his tremendous rise in the business ladder. This has earned him a name and a thrive in his reign.

The Stafford University graduate in international business development field has continued to amaze many with his multifaceted business interest. This was after him taking a calculated move to build a restaurant territory in North County of Bellamy.

With almost 30 years of expertise in culinary management, he strategically through end product –oriented procedures, hired young El Biz cook Mike Reidy as executive chef. Surpassing people’s expectation, he also brought in Ponsaty, an experienced master of cookery from France.

When complete, the futuristic kitchen Ponsaty is designing will stand out. Combining their expertise they have made cookery an interesting art as they aren’t bashful in inventing new, different menus. They also concentrate on eye-catching and mind-blowing explicit food presentations from the soup to ultimate desserts.

Bellamy’s is some of the best-preferred food in almost the whole of San Diego, with the best environment and high-quality food to match. In addition, the properly hired, passionate and well performing Bellamy’s staff makes the place a worth come back again and again. To enhance the authenticity of the restaurant he worked with the best brains in architectural design.

The Plush seats, unique jazz paintings, and Coppertone-brown wall add to the place spark. Bonar has taken an initiative to transform the grassy 144-acre property into one of its kind four-star event space with a signature restaurant. in general, it is a must visit restaurant in San Diego.

His success can be attributed to harnessing the right business culture, taking opportunities as they present themselves and working with the right individuals. This has made him a comparable and a motivational business individual.

The Best Centers in the NBA


The role of the NBA centers has been nebulous and poorly defined for the better part of the past decade. More and more we are seeing teams moving toward the ‘stretch big’ option where 7 footers are expected to be passing the ball and hitting shots from beyond the arc. Today we are going to pay homage to these talented bigs by highlighting three of the best centers in the NBA today!


  1. Karl-Anthony Towns

At 21 years old there may be no better player in the NBA than Karl-Anthony Towns. Towns has Hall of Fame potential and he certainly has a Hall of Famers style of play. Towns is elite offensively from every spot on the floor and he’s the biggest difference maker that we can imagine for a franchise to have. Karl-Anthony Towns averaged 25 PPG and 12 RPG in his sophomore season.


  1. Joel Embiid

If Joel Embiid can ever stay healthy then he has ‘best player in the NBA’ potential. Embiid has a 15 point differential on defense for the 76ers when he is on the court versus when he is off the court. Embiid is a true full court stud as he is one of the best defensive players in the NBA and one of the most well rounded offensive threats at his position. Embiid averaged 29 points, 8 boards, and 3 blocks through just 25 MPG.


  1. Anthony Davis

The Brow suffers from the same issues that Embiid does: injuries. Anthony Davis is probably the most well rounded big in the NBA and he has a chance to be historically great. Will injuries slow down this generational talent?