The Reason End Citizens United Must Stand For Liberty

End Citizens United was founded to reinforce ideals of the Democrats into Government. It remains supportive of Democratic candidates, entering the race, supporting a major shift in the fight back against a corrupted framework.


The Darkness that is taking over our country is unsettling, and for that very reason, “We the People” shouldn’t settle either. There has to be some sacrificing done in order to keep America, a free and liberating land for all. We realize that the US, rests in the hands of politicians, who’d rather take laundered money, than keep the only true Law of our Democracy. It is sad that so many people can not see the importance of standing up against what is being done now in the White House. That is why we must account for them as well.


End Citizens United will continue to fight to disrupt Citizens United, which seems to be a kabal of billionaires paying their way into political power. If politicians must be bought in order for them to recognize that certain laws must be upheld for us to keep America Great, then so be it. Democrats and even Liberals, must band together and fund our causes, just as the super wealthy elite republicans do to regain a strong hold in our country. Fascism, is not allowed in the U.S. it is against the law, as the ideals of these elitist despots, are completely contrary to the Constitutional Rights of the people.


Although many Republicans and independent voters agree that spending on undisclosed politics is crazy, it is the Republican administration in Congress that seems clueless as to how to disrupt this terrible decision of the Supreme Court. Citizens United is totally against the people, and that is why it must end. Democrats are still fighting Citizens United and we can only accept them there may be significant changes made in their management. Only when the original Constitutional rights are not being limited by the wealthy, will End Citizens United, stop their struggle to back government.


That is why End Citizens United is using the only strategy that is going to hit the competitors who attack us by rewarding politicians through their big brand companies. Know that what we embrace, is the liberty of true Americans. We are for candidates who back the constitution and are dedicated to transforming the money hungry politics which are in power now, by utilizing our crusade.