The Oxford Club Predicts Another Good Year for Equity Investors

Equity investors are constantly trying to figure out the best way to achieve higher returns from year to year. The financial market was relatively favorable to equity investors in 2017 and it seems like 2018 will trend the same way according to Alexander Green.

Green is the Chief Investment Strategist of the Oxford Club, an international private owned independent financial publisher. The organization consists of a team of reputable and proven investors and entrepreneurs.

While the financial market has been stable as of late it certainly will begin to fluctuate. Luckily, Green, on behalf of the Oxford Club, has come up with 3 easy to comprehend steps for earning higher returns that accommodate for the different behaviors of the market.

The first step tackles the subject of retirement. It’s no secret that the majority of Americans fail to save enough to retire comfortably. It is best to start saving as soon as you can. The problem is many Americans believe social security will provide them what they need. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. The average citizen on social security receives less than $1,500 a month.

The second step explains the adverse effects of over investing. More than 90 percent of active fund managers will fail in the long run. If worst comes to worst your broker or advisor will get rich instead of you.

Lastly, rebalance your portfolio every so often. The act of rebalancing can protect you from a serious market downturn. You will also see more long term returns after you sell high and buy low.

About The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club has been helping members strategically take advantage of investment opportunities for more than 20 years. Its investment strategy is easy to understand and the reason why it is currently 80,000 members strong in 100 countries.