Joel Friant Shares His Love of the Habanero Pepper

Joel Friant is all about being positive. He discovered that you would get further in life with a happy outlook. He has also learned that it is very important to surround your self with people who are a good influence and who share your outlook on life.

Joel has been very successful in the real estate industry, but his real passion is with the Habanero pepper. Joel Friant is the inventor of the Original Habanero Shaker. Joel first tried a hot pepper in high school, and the rest is history. He decided to get into the restaurant scene, and he is now known as the “Thai Guy,” and he came up with the “Fast Food Thai Concept.”

The Habanero pepper does not just bring the heat, but in dried form, it is much milder and is a convenient way to add some spice to foods. The Habanero pepper encourages the brain to produce endorphins. Endorphins promote the production of those feel-good hormones, and they even help to strengthen the immune system.

Joel Friant came up with the Original Habanero Shaker because there were none on the market that did not have added ingredients such as salt and none of them were of pure quality. Friant learned how to sell effectively on eBay and on Amazon, and his product is being sold in well-known grocery stores.

Joel has come up with many concepts such as the “Income Thermostat,” and he’s willing to share his thoughts with anyone interested in lending an ear. He has published many articles and he has also spoken in many seminars on the internet. Joel is also dabbling in crypto-currencies and in the blockchain.

Joel leads pretty busy life but he does most of his productive brainstorming when he rides his bike. He is always careful to write done his thoughts so that they do not get forgotten and to keep his find clear. No matter what he does, the spice trend is what really gets Friant excited. Spices-particularly the Habanero pepper is what really gets Joel up in the morning and amped up for the day.

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