Adam Milstein Discusses AntisemtisimOn College Campuses

Adam Milstein reports that antisemitism worldwide has decreased by about 12%. On college campuses in America the story is very different. According to Adam Milstein, antisemitism has almost doubled recently on campuses in the United States.

Most anti-Semitic incidents at college campuses stem from BDS or the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. This anti-Israel movement is now prevalent on most major college campuses in the United States. It aims to delegitimize the state of Israel through misinformation, lies and even outright hatred.

Adam Milstein says that BDS thrives on college campuses in the USA because they are well funded and organized professionally. He states that these movements are often led by doctorate degree seeking students who stay on campus specifically to promote BDS and other anti-Israel views. Such students can ingrain themselves into the college community and spread their anti-Israel views throughout the community, and

It is not surprise then, that where BDS takes hold, anti-Semitic incidents often follow and increase in scope. Adam Milstein believes that there is an effective way to counter the hate and propaganda of the BDS movement on college campuses today. He says that we need boots on the ground at college campuses through organizations such as Students Supporting Israel, and

This group was created only a few years ago, by students who saw the Jewish state of Israel being bashed over and over again on their campus. The founding members of Students Supporting Israel wanted to counter the narrative perpetuated by BDS that Israel is an apartheid state and oppressor of Palestinians, and learn more about Adam.

A sign of true hope is that many of the people who created Students Supporting Israel and that participate in it today are not even Jews themselves. SSI has been highly effective in fighting BDS on campus. Pro-Israel resolutions have passed when a college has an SSI chapter and BDS sanctions almost always fail when there is an SSI branch present. More importantly, SSI educates the college community about the real facts and supports the Jewish state of Israel.

Adam Milstein is one of the Jewish state of Israel’s best friends in the United States. He immigrated to the United States with his family and settled down in California where he now runs a successful real estate management business. Adam Milstein is one of the founding members of the Israeli-American Council and works tirelessly to promote relations between the Jewish state of Israel and the United States. He also supports many charities that fight against BDS on campuses such as Stand With US, and more information click here.

AvaTrade Review: A Worthy Trading Partner

AvaTrade is an online trading company, which has been in operation since 2006. The firm was founded by joint efforts of experts in web-commerce, and finance experts. It was created to improve online experience for online traders. Since its founding in 2006, AvaTrade has grown tremendously to become one of best success stories in the business world. The company is committed to core values that guide operations. These values also dictate the company’s relationship with clients and influence decisions made by the company. It is dedicated to giving experiences worth remember for online traders.


The company is committed to extending its operations to both local and international markets. Towards this end, AvaTrade has met the forex trading regulatory standards in Ireland in addition to its global license. The company prides itself in having a multilingual support services team and multiple trading platforms including a downloadable app. It also offers forex trading training while clients also enjoy the convenience of multiple banking options.

Products and Services

At AvaTrade, customers only invest in reliable and innovative projects that ensure value for their investments. The company offers personalized services marked with integrity and is dedicated to ensuring that investors understand what they are investing in and how it will benefit them. The company has specialized in online forex trading. It is recognized as one of the leading providers of forex trading services globally with over 200,000 clients using its numerous online platforms including an app.

Other Services

Other services offered by the company in the over 160 countries it has operations include trading services in bonds, electronic funds transfers (EFTs) and contract for differences (CFDs). Additionally, customers can also enjoy the company’s valuable and qualified advisory services in commodities and indices trading. AvaTrade’s quality and customized services is reflective of its founders and operational policy of transparency. The founders are not only highly qualified professionals; they have also adopted a transparency model that is built around letting their esteemed clients know their identities. Clients are serviced by highly dedicated and multilingual customer service officers working on 24/7 basis. They can also access various online banking options.

Agora Financial Aids in Investing for your Retirement Years

For any person, one of their biggest milestones is to retire peacefully. It is one period in one’s life that everyone looks forward to since they can live on their terms and do things they always wanted to do. To be able to enjoy your retirement depends on some factors. One of them is proper planning for retirement by investing your savings in the right place. Also, you need to ensure that your money is still working and multiplying when you have stopped working and read full article.

People who have little knowledge of financial industry think it is best to hire a broker to plan their investment for retirement. It is one of the biggest mistake people make and realize it only once it is too late. For this reason, there are companies such as Agora Financial that allow people to learn about the various investment opportunities and make decisions on their own without relying on anyone else. The employees of the company do not sit in large offices and sell plans from the top financial companies. Instead, they travel the world to learn about investment opportunities that have not yet reached the mainstream.

Agora Financial is one of the top companies offering independent print and online finance-related publications, news, books, films and more. The company is based out of Baltimore and is dedicated to educating people about the different investment opportunities that most people are unaware. By the time these investment opportunities reach the mainstream market, they become saturated and not as profitable. Thus, Agora Financials help people know about it beforehand and what Agora Financial knows.

By providing independent and unbiased reviews and information about the financial market, Agora Financial is setting new standards in the industry. They had even predicted a downturn in the economy in the past when others were too afraid to accept it and make it public knowledge. The company currently has more than a million subscribers who are growing each day and Agora Financial on Facebook.

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How Wealth Solutions Safeguards Clients’ Investments

Many people find it difficult to manage, grow, and protect their assets from financial uncertainties. It is for this reason that Richard Blair established Wealth Solutions Inc, an investment advisory firm that provides custom-made and comprehensive financial planning solutions. The firm mainly targets families, small business owners, and affluent individuals in Austin and its surrounding areas including Bastrop, New Bastrop, Georgetown, Houston, and New Braunfels.


Since it opened doors, Wealth Solutions has successfully helped hundreds of clients to safeguard their financial future. This success is attributed to the competence and expertise of its founder Mr. Blair, who has a cumulative experience of more than twenty years in the money markets.


Safeguarding Retirement Benefits


The advisory firm recognizes that many senior citizens struggle financially after retirement. In this regard, it endeavors to provide holistic retirement planning solutions. Its experts have an in-depth understanding of the financial services industry. The money markets have a dynamic nature, which can only be navigated through the application of financial strategies that are proven and adaptable to the needs of clients. Learn more:


Wealth Solutions is equally dedicated to seeking opportunities that provide conservative, yet dynamic solutions to clients while minimizing risk. It also designs steady retirement income models for its clients, something that helps them to pursue their old-age goals. To benefit from the company’s advisory and asset protection services and solutions, clients are advised to collaborate with financial advisors who help demystify the intricate components of wealth management and protection. Learn more:


About Richard Blair


Richard CAS®, CES®, CFS®, CIS®, CTS®, RICP® is among the most accomplished financial experts in the US. He has had a hugely successful 2-decade career in the financial industry, which explains why he is regarded as a legend by peers. During his career, Richard has had the opportunity to work with the renowned financial guru, something that has enhanced his expertise all the more. He chose to set up Wealth Solutions in Austin, Texas after realizing that the market was vastly unexplored. Learn more:


The University of Houston alumnus concedes that the highlight of his career has been seeing his clients realizing their financial and personal goals. Besides wealthy individuals, he also targets family holdings and startup ventures since they have the potential to record massive profits if well managed. Mr. Blair also runs a host of other equally successful ventures including Crown Bridge Wealth LLC, and Blair Insurance Group. This firms constantly partner with Wealth Solutions Inc. to ensure that clients’ mandates are fulfilled at all times. Richard enjoys playing golf besides seeking investment opportunities in his free time. Learn more: