Success Academy Prepares Scholars for the College Application Process

Success Academy, which is a network of charter schools based in New York City, recently completed a successful College Admissions Case Studies Program. The event was put together by Danielle Jakob, who works with a team of counselors to prepare the Success Academy scholars for the college application process. The event was held specifically for the Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts, which is now seeing its founding students getting ready for the college application process. From increasing application rates, to opening new schools, the Success Academy newtwork has experienced many wins of late. The event can be seen as another in the line of recent Success Academy achievements.


Danielle Jakob based the event off of other similar events which she had participated in at elite high schools. She knew that the “College Admissions Case Studies Program” could be a valuable asset to a student about to start the application process. The event consisted of placing Success Academy scholars in a fictitious role of college admissions officer for the day. The student was handed made-up college applications to three imaginary schools, and had to go through the process of choosing which applications to accept, which ones they would wait list, and which they would deny. Reversing the roles for the student gives them valuable insight into how the application process works, from the college’s perspective. The students reported that the insight they gained was extremely valuable.


Family members were also present, because when a student applies to colleges, the whole family should be involved in each step. Success Academy schools strive to prepare their graduates for a fulfilling, engaged educational career, and for success in life beyond college and graduate school. Success Academy schools have succeeded in providing an environment for their students which prepares them to be competitive among the vast pool of college applications. As a former admissions officer, Danielle Jakob is well equipped to give her students an edge. She wants her students to see clearly what college admissions officers are looking for when they confront a vast number of applications.


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