How Whitney Wolfe Solves Dating Problems For Men

Men have come to resent women in some ways for the apparent advantage they have in the world of dating. It is a common belief that women have a ton of men chasing them down. Therefore, they have a lot to choose from. This often leaves some of the men out of the game and resentful. They see this in the outside world. As a result, they turn to online dating only to find that they are having a worse time getting a date. In this case, they send out tons of messages only to get no response at all.

While a lot of people may just throw their hands in the air, there is someone who has a solution to this problem. Whitney Wolfe has set up a new dating app called Bumble. Bumble is designed to level the playing field for men and women. As a matter of fact, it speaks to the desires of a lot of men in this changing world of dating. A lot of men have expressed a desire to be approached. Whitney Wolfe has put a limit on the account of men when it comes to interacting with women. They are not able to initiate contact with women.

Whitney Wolfe looks at the original purpose of dating apps which is to help set up dates. While all of the other dating apps do have some kind of success with that, they are met with complaints from both men and women. Whitney Wolfe herself has took a lot of notes when it comes to these complaints so that she would be able to bring about change that is positive in the world of online dating and apps. As a result, Bumble has turned out to be a really good app for both men and women.