Adam Milstein Discusses AntisemtisimOn College Campuses

Adam Milstein reports that antisemitism worldwide has decreased by about 12%. On college campuses in America the story is very different. According to Adam Milstein, antisemitism has almost doubled recently on campuses in the United States.

Most anti-Semitic incidents at college campuses stem from BDS or the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. This anti-Israel movement is now prevalent on most major college campuses in the United States. It aims to delegitimize the state of Israel through misinformation, lies and even outright hatred.

Adam Milstein says that BDS thrives on college campuses in the USA because they are well funded and organized professionally. He states that these movements are often led by doctorate degree seeking students who stay on campus specifically to promote BDS and other anti-Israel views. Such students can ingrain themselves into the college community and spread their anti-Israel views throughout the community, and

It is not surprise then, that where BDS takes hold, anti-Semitic incidents often follow and increase in scope. Adam Milstein believes that there is an effective way to counter the hate and propaganda of the BDS movement on college campuses today. He says that we need boots on the ground at college campuses through organizations such as Students Supporting Israel, and

This group was created only a few years ago, by students who saw the Jewish state of Israel being bashed over and over again on their campus. The founding members of Students Supporting Israel wanted to counter the narrative perpetuated by BDS that Israel is an apartheid state and oppressor of Palestinians, and learn more about Adam.

A sign of true hope is that many of the people who created Students Supporting Israel and that participate in it today are not even Jews themselves. SSI has been highly effective in fighting BDS on campus. Pro-Israel resolutions have passed when a college has an SSI chapter and BDS sanctions almost always fail when there is an SSI branch present. More importantly, SSI educates the college community about the real facts and supports the Jewish state of Israel.

Adam Milstein is one of the Jewish state of Israel’s best friends in the United States. He immigrated to the United States with his family and settled down in California where he now runs a successful real estate management business. Adam Milstein is one of the founding members of the Israeli-American Council and works tirelessly to promote relations between the Jewish state of Israel and the United States. He also supports many charities that fight against BDS on campuses such as Stand With US, and more information click here.

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