Securus Technologies Customer Views On Using Technology

Secures Technologies; a Communication developer in Correctional Institutions.

Secures Technologies is a communication company that deals with enhancing communication in the correctional institutions. It focuses on allowing communication continuation with the outside world once a person gets imprisoned.

Led by its CEO and chairman Richard A. Smith, the company aims at dealing with the future of communication. The company wants to make it possible for the inmate to be using their own devices while in prison and use their contact lists to communicate to their loved ones.

However, the use of these devices shall be monitored to make sure that messages, videos or images sent will not be promoting crime.

Allowing keeping in touch with the outside world will help the inmates to receive support from their loved ones thus less time will be taken by them to agree to correct their ways. Apart from communication, Secures Technologies will allow inmates to be able to transfer funds to their accounts.

The rates that will be applied by Secures Technologies will be lowered compared to other companies that provide such services to the correctional institutions when it starts offering its services to all these institutions.

Another important feature that Secures Technologies will be providing is the ability of the inmates to access eBooks, videos, news and songs to mention but a few, under supervision. This will enable them to continue being more informed and get to know what is happening out there and at the same time, observing security issues.

Secures Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, TX and has over 30 years of providing services to correctional institutions. It was founded in 1986 with an aim of connecting the inmates with the outside world.

Through research and development, it has come up with many findings which have motivated it in improving the kind of services it offers to these institution. In addition, the findings have helped the company to change its perception and that of others about inmates.


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