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In order to save money, corporations and organizations have stopped providing stock options to their employees. Other than the need to save money, there exist three other reasons that have made the companies stop providing the stock options according to Jeremey Goldstein. Some of the reasons include a change in the value leading to lower stock values that deny employees the chance to exercise the options. The second reason is due to the fact that the stock options are tedious and often lead to burdens in accounting. The third and final reason is that employees are aware of the current economic situations that render the stock valueless.


In the event that a company cannot offer stock options, it should have some sort of a backup plan. According to Jeremy Goldstein, the best available plan in place of the stock plan is the Knock out stock option. The knock out stock options is the same as the conventional stock option because they have time limits. It differs with the conventional option since when its shares drop below a given limit, employees abandon it.


The knock out option has advantages. The option relieves corporations from paying huge taxes. It reduces taxation costs to companies with compensation plans for their executive staff thereby saving money. The option also excludes complications associated with stock compensation. However, the option does not solve all the problems associated with stock compensation.


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer with an experience of more than 15 years in the legal practice. He attended the Pingry School. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Cornell University. He joined the University of Chicago and graduated with a Master’s of Arts degree. He holds Juris Doctor in Law from the reputable New York University. He practices corporate governance and private law.


Mr. Goldstein is the founder and leading co-partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associate LLC. The law firm provides various legal services including finding solutions to administration problems, advising committees and staff and facilitating transactions between companies. He serves as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer and conducts most of the executive roles in the law firm. He is currently a board member of the Professional Advisory Committee of the New York University. The lawyer has presented many people and organizations in court. Mr. Goldstein facilitated the acquisition of the Duke Energy as well as the Dow Chemical Company. He also acts as a mentor to his partners given his wealth of experience in the field.


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