Norman Pattiz the Chairman of Podcastone Announces the Launching Of the Newest Jericho Network Program “Beyond the Darkness”

According to Norman Pattiz, the paranormal was portrayed in the new podcast “Beyond the Darkness”. Norman Pattiz is the Founder & Executive Chairman of PodcastOne; the America’s biggest advertiser-supported podcast network. Beyond the Darkness is the WWE star newest show under the PodcastOne umbrella featuring; enlightening and entertainment conversations.

The global renowned researchers get the chance to challenge anything you think about including ghosts, ghouls, demons, angels, aliens, miracles, mysteries and monster encounters. The show is hosted by radio host and producer; Tim Dennis and radio host and author; Dave Schrader. New episodes are released on all Mondays on the PodcastOne app,, and iTunes.

According to Bloomberg, Norman Pattiz added that Chris has separated himself as among the PodcastOne network jewels. As indicated by Pattiz, when Chris began The Jericho Network collection, it was expected to have evolved beyond wrestling.

He has delivered comedians and currently takes space in Beyond the Darkness paranormal. Chris Jericho indicated how he was stoked to announce the engagement of Beyond the Darkness podcast into the Jericho Network.

Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis brought with them the great fan base that believe and trust in their subject matter as they spearheads in the paranormal broadcasting. Chris emphasized that he fully expect Beyond the Darkness to develop its existing big audience on The Jericho Network .

Pattiz was in 2000 chosen by President Clinton and later reappointed in 2002 by President Bush on the United States of America Broadcasting Board. The BBG oversees the entire US non-military broadcasting services including Middle East Broadcasting, Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe and The Voice of America.

Pattiz was responsible for launching and conceiving Americas Arabic language television and radio services to the entire 22 countries in Middle East. That incorporated broadcasting of Farsi language to Iran and getting to weekly audience of more than 40 million listeners.

Norman Pattiz founded Westwood One after having 40 years of experience within radio syndication. Under his leadership, the company became the biggest in America as the provider and radio network of news, entertainment, sports, talk and traffic programming in the broadcast sector.

Westwood One managed, owned and distributed CBS News, the Mutual Broadcasting System, NBC radio networks, CNN radio, NFL Football, plus March Madness, both The Winter & Summer Olympic Games, NCAA Basketball and The Super Bowl. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

In 2010, Pattiz formed Courtside Entertainment Group including the most recently founded PodcastOne & PodcastOne Sales; the pioneer in national podcast advertising and sales.

How Whitney Wolfe Solves Dating Problems For Men

Men have come to resent women in some ways for the apparent advantage they have in the world of dating. It is a common belief that women have a ton of men chasing them down. Therefore, they have a lot to choose from. This often leaves some of the men out of the game and resentful. They see this in the outside world. As a result, they turn to online dating only to find that they are having a worse time getting a date. In this case, they send out tons of messages only to get no response at all.

While a lot of people may just throw their hands in the air, there is someone who has a solution to this problem. Whitney Wolfe has set up a new dating app called Bumble. Bumble is designed to level the playing field for men and women. As a matter of fact, it speaks to the desires of a lot of men in this changing world of dating. A lot of men have expressed a desire to be approached. Whitney Wolfe has put a limit on the account of men when it comes to interacting with women. They are not able to initiate contact with women.

Whitney Wolfe looks at the original purpose of dating apps which is to help set up dates. While all of the other dating apps do have some kind of success with that, they are met with complaints from both men and women. Whitney Wolfe herself has took a lot of notes when it comes to these complaints so that she would be able to bring about change that is positive in the world of online dating and apps. As a result, Bumble has turned out to be a really good app for both men and women.